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WATER: Water is available in the Sharoluk and Beyoluk neighborhoods, at the 7.2, 9th and 14th km of the road and in the last mosque area.


ACCOMMODATION: There is no accommodation facility in Sharoluk and Beyoluk neighborhoods. However, tents can be set up in consultation with the headmen. Masjid is a small resting place with water and 2 tables. However, it is suitable for camping.


CAMPING: You can safely camp at many points on this track.


BAKKAL/MARKET: There is a small grocery store in Sharoluk and Beyoluk neighborhoods where you can meet your needs.  


TRANSPORTATION: There is no public transportation facility to all neighborhoods. However, the residents of the neighborhood can drop you off in Sarıköy Town or Gönen for a fee.


COMMUNICATION: Except for a small part of this track in the valleys, it is possible to communicate with mobile phones.


GENERAL DIRECTIONS: Go down the road just opposite the toilet in the square where the mosque, coffee and grocery store are located. After a very short walk, you will go out of the village and you will come to a wide plain where roads intersect and there is an electricity pole. Walk towards the electricity pole with the fountain in front of it and go down and enter the path between the bushes on your left and climb the path. The path rises slightly to the right and enters the forest. After a while, you will make a sharp turn to the right and follow the signs through the forest to climb. You will come to a clearing, possibly an old field, where marking is difficult as there is no tree/rock to mark. No panic. Signs are slightly to the left, in trees 30-40 meters above. If you look carefully, you will see. From that point, we enter the path and continue through the forest, and finally we come to a forest road and turn right and continue on the road. A little later you will come to a steep descent with a deep valley in front of you and hills with a large mine on the left. Be careful going down. Mud in summer and screes in winter cause you to walk on a very active ground. After a short descent, the slope will decrease and the trees will start again. Continuing the descent, we come to the stream bed and enter the forest road following the stream bed and turn right. After a while, the road will cross the small stream bed and rise 35-40 meters to reach a larger road. We turn right and continue walking. To the right of the road, you will come to a wide plain with a few trees. We leave the road to the left and enter a new road opened for cutting trees and ascend. About 5 min. After a mile walk, we will enter a path that diverges to the left, be careful… Because there are no trees or rocks to mark, you may miss the road signs placed on tree saplings 2-3 inches thick. A reference is also not entered sign. This path, which is probably a road opened for an old section, ascends and continues as an indistinct road from time to time and sometimes completely inside the forest. Finally, a high-voltage line and pole that you will see on your left leads to a road that was opened while erecting these poles. It continues on this road and after a short while you will come to a second lamppost. There are 2 different paths that continue down the right and left of the pole. The signs are on the left, although they both end up in the same spot after 40 meters. When you come under the pole, we start descending by entering the thorny and scrub area created by the flowing waters, which we cleared with difficulty. 3. We follow this path until we reach the road next to a lamppost. After getting on the forest road, we continue on this road in a wonderful forest. After a while, there will be a fountain on the right of the road. This is the sign that you are approaching Beyoluk. The road will descend into a stream bed and cross the stream and begin to rise from the opposite side. The road rises by making bends and comes out to an open area right at the entrance of the village. The sign is up on a dry tree and it's huge. You will see immediately. We go right into the village behind this dry tree and turn right and move towards the village square. (9.2 km.)


2 coffees. We turn left from the village square, where there is a grocery store and mosque, and immediately leave the main road and enter the pathway from an old house. The path will lead down to a road passing by the houses and gardens. Since there are no trees on this plain, the markings are on the stones on the ground. But don't worry too often. Re-enter the road at the end of the plain by following the signs and cross the bridge by descending to the stream bed. There is an old forest road that rises to the left as soon as you cross the bridge. Enter the ascending path by following the signs just to the left of it, not this road. By ascending from this path in the forest, you will squeeze into a clearing.  Continue to the left of the opening and descend, and when you reach the lowest point you will see an indistinct tractor track, turn left and rise again. The signs will set you on a wonderful path. Keep on the road. After a while, you will see a fountain flowing in summer and winter 40 meters down on the left side. You can go back to the road by getting off and replenishing water. You will go down this road and when you come to a bare spot where it climbs up again, you will turn right and continue descending through the forest. The descent will end on a wide road on the Beyoluk – Alacaoluk road. From here, continue by turning left and after about 500 meters on the right is the Masjid with tables, a fountain, a toilet and a mosque.  You are in the region.

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