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Since the road is very new, accommodation opportunities are still limited. However, in villages, one-on-one with people  Negotiations are being made and an accommodation opportunity is being created, albeit with limited opportunities.  It is considered that many new accommodation opportunities will emerge in the near future.

Opportunities available under current conditions are listed below. Every new development will be added to this page.

     1. Gonen Center; Since it is a spa city, there are spa hotels belonging to the Municipality (Yıldız Hotel, Güneş Hotel, Yeşil Hotel, Park Hotel) in Gönen Center, as well as a large number of private pensions and hotels in the same area within the city. All kinds of possibilities are available.

     2. Ekşidere Mountain Spa: 13 km from Gonen. It is also a municipal hot spring facility, with hotel accommodation, bathing and dining.  facility is available. (It is in the part of the road that has not been opened yet.)

   3. Denizkent  They will arrive late from distant areas and start their walk from Kınalar Village the next day. They can stay in Denizkent. They can also swim in the sea in the summer. 

           a. Artemea Cafe & Restaurant & Motel: Located in the center of Denizkent, Artemea Motel can meet all your needs, including accommodation and meals.
               Artemea Motel Information: 0532 508 27 10 - 0542 658 24 82 

         b. Denizkent Cafe 66: You can pitch a tent at Cafe 66. Toilets, showers and meals are also available.

               Denizkent Cafe 66 Information: 0535 924 25 29
    4. Dereköy Trout Farm: In Dereköy, where you can set up a tent, bungolow accommodation, shower, toilet and food facilities are available.  It is a private business.

         Dereköy Trout Farm Information: 0535 262 26 50  

      5. Çınarpınar: Although not on the Artemea Road, it is very close to the irrigation pond, which is still under construction, on the Alacaoluk - Kumköy track and under the Aticioba village. There are tent camping, accommodation, shower, toilet and food facilities. You can pick up yourself from Alacaoluk or Aticioba village by phone and get back on the route the next day.

        Cinarpinar Information:  0542 534 02 60

      6. Gaybular: In this village, you can stay in a village house that is ready for use and has all kinds of facilities. You can prepare your meal in the kitchen yourself, or they can prepare it for you and bring it to you.

        Gaybular Information: 0543 471 60 21 - 0541 218 80 85 - 0541 218 80 84

       7. Karapınar: There are tents, toilets and meals at the Karapınar Trout Farm.

         Karapinar Information: 0537 366 19 40


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