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WATER: 1.2 km of the road, 1.8 km. 3.3 km., 4 km., 7.2 km. in the village of Adatak, between 1 and 7.9 km.  4 fountains, at 8.2 km, 8.8 km, in Ortaoba Village,  at 10.2 km at 15.7 km at 17.5 km at 18.5 km  Water is available at 18.9 km and in Karasukabaklar Village.


ACCOMMODATION: There is no hotel / hostel in the villages for now. However, tents can be set up in consultation with the headmen.


CAMPING: You can safely camp at many points on this track.


BAKKAL/MARKET: There is a market in Gaybular.


TRANSPORTATION: There is no public transportation to the villages on this track.


COMMUNICATION: Except for a small part of this track in the valleys, it is possible to communicate with mobile phones.


GENERAL DIRECTIONS:  We continue on the road that descends in front of the Gaybular Village cafe and mosque. The road will descend into a small stream bed and rise again. You continue on the marked forest roads for a while. After a while, we leave the road and turn left onto the pathway, next to the tub placed on the side of the road for the animals to drink water. This narrow path will lead us down to a creek bed and rise again on the left.  Then we will proceed along the slope to see the valley on the left and the Gönen-Yenice asphalt from time to time. Later, a beautiful path will lead us down to an animal dam. After the dam, we will climb the opposite hill and see the valley and reach the Adatatak Village entrance through the paths.


   Artemea road continues by turning right from the first building of the village. You do not need to enter the village just to get water. You will come across fountains one after another on the way. When the road approaches Ortaoba Village, it will reach the asphalt and approximately 100 m. then it will turn right from the asphalt and enter the path again. The path that turns left from the Ortaoba cemetery and the fountain and follows the asphalt from above will take us to Ortaoba village after a short while.


   We cross the village from one end to the other and enter the forest road that turns right in front of the mosque.  The descending road will begin to climb to the right from the rocks just in front of the fountain marked "X". After a long and steep climb, we will go out on a forest road. From here we turn left and continue on the forest road. The road descending into a small stream bed continues by climbing to the left. The road, which passes through a small landslide area, will come to the mouth of three roads where a large fountain is located. From here, we turn right and enter the forest road, which turns left after 50 meters. This forest road will turn into a path in a short time and 2 km. We will continue on this beautiful path until The path will end in front of a field and from here we will turn left and go down to the big road below. From here we will turn left and continue until the crossroads of three roads where there is a fountain. From here we will enter the road that climbs to the left. On this road, it will bring us to the mouth of 3 roads, where there is a fountain again. here on the roads  We will not enter any of them, and we will enter the waterway that goes down right next to the fountain. After about 700 – 800 meters, the waterway will end in front of a fountain. From here, we will enter the path on the left, not the road that continues across. This path us  It will take you to the village of Karasukabaklar.

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