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DISTANCE: 21.05 KM .
















WATER: 4.4 km of the road, 6.8 km. 7.3 km. 12 km, 14.2 km, 18. km. at 19.4 km,  It is available in Hodul and Tahtalı Districts.  It is seasonal at 4.4 km from the fountains on the road. Others flow in summer and winter. In addition, 12.5 km. There is a well at the mouth of 3 roads.


ACCOMMODATION : Hodul and Tahtali  There are no hotels/pension in their neighborhood for now. However, tents can be set up in consultation with the headmen.


CAMPING: You can safely camp at many points on this track.


BAKKAL/MARKET: There is a grocery store in Hodul where you can meet your needs.  There is no grocery/market in Tahtali.


TRANSPORTATION: There is no public transportation facility. However, in Hodul, it may be possible to ask for help from the residents of the neighborhood and have them leave Sarıköy for a fee. In Tahtalı District, the population is very small and old. For this reason, it will probably not be possible for the residents of the neighborhood to provide you with such an opportunity.


COMMUNICATION: Except for a small part of this track in the valleys, it is possible to communicate with mobile phones.


GENERAL DIRECTIONS: The road goes down the continuation of the road you came from, in front of the Kavakalan mosque and its coffee house. Hodul Neighborhood is on the opposite hills, where you can see the transmitting antenna.  The road that goes down turns into another dirt road just after the village exit after 250 meters. After turning right from here and proceeding for 150 meters, Artemea Road leaves the dirt road and turns down with a left turn. The path you entered is 1 km. then it turns left between the maquis and descends to another path just below. We turn left and start descending towards the lower valley. The path turns into a more prominent road after a while. When you descend into the creek bed, a steep but very short exit awaits you through the trees, just across from the point where you landed. After this short ascent, you will come to a forest road that has now turned into a path. Turning left, we start to follow this road that goes along the slope. About 1 km. then the road will go down to the creek bed again. We cross the creek bed and enter the vague road that turns to the right on the opposite side. This road will connect to a more prominent road just above. We turn left and follow the creek bed and continue to move forward. This road will proceed along the stream bed and then turn right and climb towards the Hodul neighbourhood. At the well-marked dirt road, turn left and continue until Hodul.


Hodul is a village on the ridge of a hill, consisting of two rows of houses almost around a single street. But it's pretty big. Village cafe is open in summer and winter. By the way, don't miss seeing the historical mosque behind the village mosque next to the cafe.


The Artemea Road continues on this road that crosses Hodul from one end to the other. At the village exit, just after passing the Hodul sign, we enter the dirt road that turns right from the point where the asphalt road makes a sharp bend. After approximately 3 km, we leave the road to the left and enter a path and connect to the road again by a dried up fountain. After driving on the road for a while, we come to a 3 crossroads where there is a table and a well. Entering the road that turns right, we proceed to the point where there is a fountain and a table to the right of the road. Here we will leave the road and enter the path that leads down to the valley across the fountain. This path will take you down for a while. From the point where the path straightens and ends, we turn right, make a short descent down a steep slope through the trees, and come out onto a forest road. This road follows the creek bed and takes us down the valley.  at the end of the road to the point where the Yolindi dam is. When we leave the valley and set off, you will not be able to see the dam lake. However, if you turn right and walk 50-60 meters up to the asphalt, you will immediately come to the pond. Artemea road will continue to the left, not towards the dam pond. Just after you turn left, you will see a fountain and picnic table. About 50 meters after passing this place, we leave this road and enter the path that goes down to the creek bed to the left. After that, we proceed by following the stream bed and crossing the stream from time to time.  After a while, the path leaves the creek bed and starts climbing up the hill to the left through the scrub. Until the dirt road at the entrance of Tahtalı Mahallesi. Turn right on the dirt road and proceed towards the village centre.

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