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Dereköy - Yörükkeçidere parkuru




Artemea Yolu Harta


Artemea Way; 276 km. within the borders of Gönen district of Balıkesir. in length  It is an international nature walking path. ''Artemea'' is the ancient name of Gonen and means ''the land of Artemis''.

Path; It starts from the northwest, from the village of Kınalar, and travels through the mountains south of Gönen, ending at the village of Saraçlar in the east. The marking system is GRANDE RANDONNEE, the colors are red and white. The road is only 140 km. A portion of the project has been marked and is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2022.

Features of the Road;

1. The region has a very rich flora. It is found in beech, oak, pine and chestnut forests as well as partly in maquis areas.

2. Water resources are extremely rich. About 100 km of the road. A portion of it passes through the river / stream beds with a wonderful view, flowing through the forest. There are many waterfalls available. Drinking water is also very abundant. Many tracks of the road 0.5 - 1 lt. It is possible to walk on water.

3. There are many campsites on the road with great views, where you can camp safely.

4. Logistics support opportunities are many.  

5. The road is extremely safe. There are no large predators in the area. The crime rate is almost non-existent. Cell phones attract almost everywhere, except in a very small area. There is no danger of dehydration due to the abundance of water resources. The climate is temperate.

6. On the road, it is also possible to enjoy the hot spring in the open air while it is snowing and raining on you.

7. Depending on the season, it is possible to eat many fruits such as apple, berry, plum, wild strawberry, blackberry on the road.

8. Access to the region is very easy. It is located in the middle of the Marmara region, where this sport is most intense due to its population. It is possible to reach big cities such as Istanbul and Bursa in 2 hours.

Road 9 is prepared by an experienced team. Therefore  hikers will walk on a very well-marked walking path where they won't need GPS.



 "Due to the works disrupted by the COVID-19 restrictions, we are opening the sections of the Artemea Road, whose opening was delayed, with the completion of the marking, together with the holiday, in order not to cause further delays."

 The part of the road that opens for walking 140 km between ''Henna - Karapınar''. It is a section of 1, and the other sections will be opened as the track is completed and will be announced to you nature walkers. The official opening of the road will be with an official festival when the whole road is completed.

 The basis for walking; trails, GPS records, transportation, accommodation, logistics, security, etc. All information is available on this site and on the road's facebook page ( ).

 GPS records are also available from ''Wikiloc'' to ARTEMEA PATH. under your username.

(NOTE: The start/end and direction signs of the road are not ready yet. They will be installed from autumn)

1. Gonen - Denizkent - Henna
   Tuesdays and Fridays (Under normal conditions, it was held every day in the summer. Due to the pandemic, it is now only 2 days a week.
   From Gonen to Henna
   07.30 - 16.30
   From Henna to Gonen
   08.30 - 17.30 

2. Gonen - Denizkent - Biga
   It is made in reciprocal expeditions every day.
   08.00 - 09.00 - 10.00 - 11.00 -  12.00 - 13.00 - 14.00 - 15.00 - 16.00 - 17.30 - 19.00 - 20.15
    From Elif Market to go to Henna from Denizkent  ( 0505 250 58 55)  or you can ask Mr. İlhan (0552 403 25 75) to drop you off.

3. Gonen - Karapinar - Yenice
   Every day from Gönen to Yenice  16.30 - Yenice to Gonen 08.30

1. Belonging to the marked sections of the road

You can access the GPS records from the "FILES" section.    

2. GPS logs are also published on Wikiloc under the username ARTEMEA YOLU

3. Transportation, accommodation, water resources, logistics, directions, etc. You can find the information in the tracks section.

4. Directions are based on a person starting the road from Hennalar and walking towards Karapınar. GPS records were also taken in the same direction.

5. On the sections of the road that have been marked, accommodation is only available at Dereköy Trout Farm. In other villages, hostels have not been formed yet. However, the camp can be set up easily at any point.

6. Groups considering walking with accommodation, in Gonen and Ekşidere They can take daily walks by staying in the Mountain Spa.....  15-20 km from these centers to the tracks, and 40 km at most. may enter a yolcukl like to .. (the Municipality of Gonen spas and those who want to stay in Ilıcası Ekşider Mountain facility can receive information on 0553 81 61 529 also establishing contacts with the municipality Aaron Talha henna.)

7. In some very rare parts of the road where there are no trees or rocks to mark, the maquis are connected to the maquis with red and white safety strips. (We plan to drive wooden stakes and mark instead of these strips in the future.)

8. You can access the social media accounts of the road by clicking the icons on the top left of the main page. Friends walking the road can share their experiences and photos of the road on the facebook page of the road.

9. For your questions about the road, you can contact Mete Dinç on 0532 300 07 90.

10. Transportation:

   a. Hennalar, the starting point of the road; You can reach Gönen-Denizkent-Kınalar City buses. Municipal bus services are infrequent in winter and more frequent in summer. Also Gonen - Biga By minibuses running between, first to Denizkent, and then 3 km by taxi. You can go to Kınalar Village, which is far away. (There is no taxi rank. You can ask Elif Market to drop you off at Kınalar village for a fee.). Meanwhile, all buses running on the Bursa-Canakkale line pass through Denizkent.  

    b. The Karapınar Trout Farm, where the marked part of the road ends, is on the Gonen - Yenice Road. From this point, you can come to Gonen by Gonen Yenice minibuses or by asking those who come to the Trout Farm.

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