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WATER: 0.2 km of the road, 1.1 km. There is water in the village of Gaybular, at 1.4 km, Kumköy, 14.5 km, 14.9 km, 15.7 km and Gaybular Village.


ACCOMMODATION: There is no hotel/pension for now. However, tents can be set up in consultation with the headmen.


CAMPING: You can safely camp at many points on this track.


BAKKAL/MARKET: There are markets in Kumköy and Gaybular.


TRANSPORTATION: It is possible to reach Kumköy by minibuses Gönen – Yenice.


COMMUNICATION: Except for a small part of this track in the valleys, it is possible to communicate with mobile phones.


GENERAL DIRECTIONS: We enter the road that goes down just to the left of the Alacaoluk mosque and the village cafe. After about 100 meters, we come to a triple crossroads. Our way will continue on the left. Just after turning left, there is a big fountain under the road. You can meet your water needs here. Continuing on this road, we pass the cemetery fence and continue on the road. After a while, you will see a larger forest road on the right. The path we have come will lead us to this path. When we get down to the road, we enter the road right in front of us, without turning left or right. There is another fountain at the beginning of the road. This road will bring us in front of Alacaoluk Castle. Here the path will present us 2 options. Follow the signs to the left, approximately 100 m. Then we reach Alacaoluk castle. The castle was built in the 10th or 11th century. After walking around the castle, it turns back the way we came and goes back to the 3 road junction and continues in the direction of Kumköy. After a short while, we descend to the creek bed. We cross the wooden bridge to the other side of the stream. An epic track awaits us now. A very dense forest and a stream passing right by you. Especially April – May months are wonderful. Continuing from this side of the stream, we reach the cave. Crossing the stream in front of the cave, we continue walking from the opposite side this time. After a while, we will cross the stream at very short intervals and come to this side again. After that, we continue from this side until the irrigation pond under construction under the Aticioba neighborhood. The path will rise for a while, away from the creek bed, and then descend again. After coming to the pond construction and making some progress, we cross the stream again and enter the forest road opposite. It is exactly 1 km from this road that leaves the pond construction on your left by rising. then we will turn off the road and enter the forest on the left. Be careful here so you don't miss out. This very short but steep landing point is covered with grasses, especially in spring, so you may not be able to choose it while chatting. But if you are careful, you will not see the left turn sign on the right rock and the signs on the trees that show you the way down. impossible. From here we go down to the creek bed and turn left and continue on the creek bed. After a while, we leave the foot of an old bridge and enter the pathway. This path will take us over a second bridge and then down to the creek bed. This path, which goes right by the stream, will rise steeply from the right after a while and will leave the stream bed and take us to an uncultivated field. In the field, the marks are on the ground and on the stones. Therefore, in the spring You may not be able to see through the grass, but it's okay. From the direction you came out, continue straight to the far end of the field. After a while, you will see the signs on the trees on the right. At this point, we leave the field and go to the back road. This road will soon take us to a larger stony road. By following this road, we will take the asphalt road next to Kumköy Cemetery. Let's turn right and continue until the village cafes.


  After passing the cafes, we will take the road on the right that leaves the asphalt and continue in the direction of Gaybular. The village road will continue downhill and after a while it will pass from a small road that turns to the right to another road just below it. After a while, this road will come to a very, very short, but quite steep and generally muddy/slippery slope. We continue climbing here. From here, we follow the signs, go down a wooded area and climb the hill opposite. When we come out of the wooded area, a wide open area climbing up awaits us. There is only one tree on the back of this area. The Artemea path sign is on this tree. We climb up the tree and from there we turn left and follow the fence. After a while, we will be on the roads leading to Gaybular village. Now the Gaybular is close. We proceed to the village center by following very busy signs.

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