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WATER: 3 fountains in the village from the entrance of Yörükkeçidere village to the exit, 11.2 km from the road. in İncirli Village, on the road 13  km (30 meters below the road seasonally), 16.3 km. There is water in the sea and in Alacaoluk.


ACCOMMODATION: There is no accommodation facility in other villages except Dereköy.


CAMPING: You can safely camp at many points on this track.


Grocery Store/MARKET:  There is a grocery store only in Dereköy, at the starting point of the road.


TRANSPORTATION: There is no public transportation facility. However, it may be possible for the villages to take you to Gonen for a fee.


COMMUNICATION: Except for a small part of this track in the valleys, it is possible to communicate with mobile phones.


GENERAL DIRECTIONS: When you turn your back to the Dereköy village cafe, you will see the road to the trout farm. Enter this road. After continuing in the village for a while, you will descend to the stream bed. On your left is a wonderful trout farm. When you pass the farm and go down to the creek, a small stream crossing awaits you here. After crossing the stream, turn right and continue on the left of the large field. Here, on your left, there are two caves 300 meters apart. You will notice their paths. Do not miss to see.  After the field, you will go to a dirt road opened for stream improvement. Go from the road to the embankment on the stream and continue over the embankment on the left. After that, you will continue on a wonderful road that descends to the side of the stream and sometimes moves away from the stream until you come to an old dynamo building. (Actually, the route was reaching the dynamo building from the bottom of the stream, but the embankments made it very difficult to pass, especially in rainy seasons. That's why we moved the route up.) After the dynamo, a legendary track of about 3 km awaits you. You will take an epic walk over the canals built in the 1960s to bring water to the dynamo on a steep slope.  On your right is a wonderful stream and valley. Finally, you will start climbing to Yörükkeçidere village with a path that leaves the creek on the left. This path will then turn into a forest road and take you up to the village. ( 7 km.)


The road continues up from the left before reaching the village center. By the way, there are 3 fountains where you can supply water from the village entrance to the exit. When you reach the village exit and the point with a 10-ton water tank on the left, you will pass the tank and continue on the road on the right. After a while, you will leave the road and pass through a clear, sometimes wooded area, where there are no paths in general, and descend into the valley and come to a clear path that climbs to the opposite hill. Enter the path and climb the opposite hill. At the end of the path, turn left and continue by following the signs in the trees scattered on a wide plain. Again, there is no clear path for a while. But don't worry. Marking is very frequent and pronounced. After a while, you will come to a path with maquis on both sides. İncirli Village will also be seen from afar. We continue on the path and after about 500 meters we turn left and exit the scrub area and this time we turn right. After about 50 m, we skip the waterway on our right and continue. (When we went here to check, the wire fence was put up. However,  It is possible to pass around it.) Again on the slopes where there are no clear paths, we follow the signs and move forward and come to a path. The path will bring us in front of a fountain. Continuing in front of the fountain, following the path, we go down the rocks and reach the village road. The village is just above us. After going 50 -60 meters from the road, we turn left and take another road at the top. This road will take us directly to the village centre. (12 km)


We turn right from İncirli village center and enter the main road leading to Alacaoluk village. When we come to the village exit sign, you will see another road going down by turning right from the road ahead. Just above this road, there is a road that runs parallel to the main road and whose entrance you can only see if you look carefully. This is how we're going to go. There are two fountains along this road. One is 30 meters below the road and seasonal. The other is a dried up fountain that you will see after a while. From here we proceed at a generally flat altitude, through a rocky and oak forest, and eventually the markings will take us down and, after crossing a plain, cross a small creek bed and take us on a distinct path through the beech forest. The journey is in a wonderful forest after that. The path will continue with small ups and downs at an altitude that can be considered straight and will eventually bring you to a left climbing point. I recommend that you do this climb slowly and resting, which is short but tiring because of its steep slope. After the climb, we will go to a wonderful path on our left again. This path will take us to another path with a short climb to the right after a while. Flowing in summer and winter after taking this last path  We continue to the fountain. After a short walk from the fountain, the road will lead up to one of the main village roads from the left. From this road, we turn left and proceed until the village square.

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