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1. Henna - ASH - KAVAKALAN













SU: 2.4 of the road. km. at Kocakarılık locality, 5.8. km. in the village of Disbudak and 12 km. There is also water available in Kavakalan Village.


ACCOMMODATION : Denizkent, Hennalar, Ashbudak and Kavakalan  There are no hotels/pension in their neighborhood for now. However, tents can be set up in consultation with the headmen.


CAMPING: You can safely camp at many points on this track. However, I recommend especially those who will start the walk from Henna and those who will walk with camps, set up camp at Kocakarılık, which is 3 km from the road, after Henna, and start hiking the next morning. This is an excellent campsite under the Ash trees, with a great view and water.  


BAKKAL/MARKET: There are 2 markets in Denizkent where you can meet all your needs. In Kınalar and Dışbudak neighborhoods, there is a grocery store that is not always open, but can be opened by informing. There is no grocery/market in Kavakalan.


TRANSPORTATION: Kınalar Mahallesi, which is the starting point of the Artemea Road in the North West, is 31 km from Gönen and 3 km from Denizkent resort on the Gönen-Biga highway. is at a distance.  It is possible to reach Kınalar by Denizkent municipal buses departing from Gonen bus station. The bus schedule varies in summer and winter. Another transportation option is to come to Denizkent by intercity bus and go to Kınalar from there. (There is no taxi rank in Denizkent. From here to Kınalar  3km. You can reach it on foot, by hitchhiking or by asking for help from Elif Market in Denizkent.) The last option is to go to Sarıköy Town, which you can easily reach from Gönen, and take a taxi from there to Kınalar.


There is no public transportation facility in Dışbudak and Kavakalan. However, it may be possible to get yourself to Denizkent, Sarıköy, Gönen or Biga by asking for help from the residents of the neighborhood.


COMMUNICATION: Except for a small part of this track in the valleys, it is possible to communicate with mobile phones.



At the entrance to Artemea Road, Kınalar Neighborhood,  You will enter through a small tractor road that leaves the bend where the first houses started. You will already see the starting sign and the first signs immediately. (The starting sign has not yet been installed.) This tractor track will descend downwards, taking you into a narrow valley through which a small stream flows. Just before you come to the stream bed, you will see a 3-way sign. ''Henna - Dışbudak-Bosphorus''(The direction sign has not been installed yet) At this point, where you approach the route stream bed, climb the hill on your right and continue to Dışbudak Mahallesi. However, there is a natural wonder that must be seen before going to Ashbudak. Bosphorus area and waterfall. To go to this area, which is only 600 meters away, it is enough to go down to the creek bed and take a short walk. After seeing the Bosphorus area and the waterfall, you turn back and enter the pathway that leads to the hill on your left. The trail will quickly raise you up an old forest path. We turn left and continue walking. After a short while, the road turns into a path and the path takes you to Kocakarılık, where there are ash trees and a fountain that flows in summer and winter. (2.4 km.) This is a great campground. If you started hiking in the afternoon, I suggest you set up your camp here before going any further.


The route descends from the rocky path to the left of Kocakarılık location, depending on the direction you come from, and climbs up to the summit by jumping to the opposite hill. At the summit, you will be greeted by a wooded and scrub plain. Cross the plain and you will see the next hill with the high voltage line and poles. The road will go down and climb this hill. (Do not be intimidated by all these ups and downs. These are small hills where you will gain 80-90 meters altitude.) When you get to the top, you will see the village of Dışbudak on your right, and the village road and fields in front of you.  (5. km.) When you go down to the creek bed, you will come to a tractor road. Turn right and continue along this road for a while along the creek bed. When you approach the village, turn left at the marked point, cross the stream and get onto the asphalt village road. The village center is only 400 meters away…

We continue the walk on the road that goes down just across the cafe. The road leaves the village and goes through the fields. 1.2 km. then we leave this road and take a new less obvious road on the right. short this way  With one advance, you will come to a wide plain. Right in front of you, at the point where the trees start again, you will see the Artemea Road sign. Cross the plain and cross from the tree line down to the creek bed and enter the path that climbs the hill. When you climb the hill, you will see a wonderful view. The road continues from the creek bed on the left of the hill right in front of you, continues from the bed where there is a small waterfall and a pond in spring, and climbs to the back of the hill by climbing from the right. After that, it continues by climbing through a very beautiful forest. Kavakalan Neighborhood is just behind this hill. (12 km.)

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