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WATER: 3.5 km of the road. In the old trout farm, 11.2 km., 11.9 km. and 12.3 km. There is a fountain. In addition, water is available in Tahtalı, Geyikli and Şaroluk neighborhoods.


ACCOMMODATION: There is no accommodation facility in Tahtalı, Geyikli and Şaroluk neighborhoods. However, tents can be set up in consultation with the headmen.


CAMPING: You can safely camp at many points on this track.


BAKKAL/MARKET: There is a small grocery store in Geyikli and Şaroluk neighborhoods where you can meet your needs.  There is no grocery/market in Tahtali.


TRANSPORTATION: There is no public transportation facility to all neighborhoods. However, the residents of the neighborhood can drop you off at Sarıköy Town for a fee.


COMMUNICATION: Except for a small part of this track in the valleys, it is possible to communicate with mobile phones.


GENERAL DIRECTIONS: After passing the Tahtalı mosque and the always closed village cafe on the left of the road, turn left from the fountain and enter the road that passes under the cafe. Tahtalı – Geyikli road is on our right, Tahtalı neighborhood is on our left, we are walking towards the creek bed. Our route will follow this creek bed completely until the Geyikli neighborhood and we will cross the river from one side to the other many times. The river has a water regime where you can hop from stone to stone without taking off your shoes, except for a very short period of the year. The Tahtalı – Geyikli road will be on your right and near you throughout the entire track. 3.7 km of the road. You will come to an old trout farm. Cross the farm and continue across. As you approach Geyikli, the fields will begin and when you pass the stream bed, you will reach a wide plain on your right where you will see the Geyikli cemetery. Walk towards the cemetery, take the asphalt road and follow the asphalt to the village square.


Turn right next to the village cafe in the square, enter the asphalt road leading to Sharoluk, cross the bridge and enter the path that turns right after about 10-15 meters. After a while, the path will turn into a dirt road and begin to gain altitude. The road will reach a wide plain after a while. Cross the plain to the left and up east, and enter the trail at the other end. Follow this path that climbs slightly along the ridge and continue until you reach a wide plain again. The neighborhood of Şaraoluk is the one you see in front of you at the point you reach the plain.  behind the waist formed by hills located slightly to the left. Climb up the plain following the signs and take the road from the entrance of Sharoluk and turn left to the village square.

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